Patriot notions The origin and essence of the conflict between England and the colony The colonists in America wanted to establish their own democracy, as they believed it was what God wanted, but England didn’t want then to have that much power. Boston Tea Party of 1773 The Boston Tea Party was a political and […]

Mayflower Story

Edward Winslow and Massasoit This visual depicts the first encounter between the Puritans and Native American tribes in 1620. The picture shows the formal greeting between colonist Edward Winslow and the king of the Wamapnaoag tribe Massasoit in Cape Cod, where the Mayflower had landed ashore. This picture represents the favorable relations between the colonists […]


Mayflower notions group I Origin of Native Americans There are many theories as to who are the ancestors of Native Americans. Today there are three theories, that seem most valid. The first theory mentions the migration from Polynesia and from the northern parts of China. However the most rampant speculation is that natives crossed Beringia, […]