The Help

Visual representation of the era: The rationale: This is a cut from a newspaper which is covering the supreme court’s decision to end the “Separate but equal” doctrine. This was achieved by an individual going to court because of wanting his child to gain good education. It marks a huge milestone for African Americans’ rights. […]


Rationale: I chose this copy of a warning sign for runaway slaves for my representation of this era. I believe that at the time slavery was the most heated debate-over topic. The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 made it crucial for white people to return runaway slaves to their owners, otherwise their punishments were harsh. […]

The patriot

Rationale: I chose the painting of George Washington as my visual because I think he is definitely one of the most known individuals of that era. Even though he was a hypocrite with owning slaves and advocating for liberty, his deeds are still remarkable. In the picture we can see him standing near a battlefield […]

The Mayflower

Rationale of the picture: I chose this picture because I think that it portrays perfectly this era’s most important voyage for Western world. Thanks to the Mayflower, pilgrims were able to make it to the New World and start a colony there. A colony that would be one of the foundations for USA. It is […]