Notions Civil Rights Movements The Civil Rights Movement encompasses social movements in the United States whose goals were to end racial segregation and discrimination against African Americans and to secure legal recognition and federal protection of the citizenship rights enumerated in the Constitution and federal law. This article covers the phase of the movement between […]


Notions Different developments in the North and South On paper, the Union outweighed the Confederacy in almost every way. Nearly 21 million people lived in 23 Northern states. The South claimed just 9 million people — including 3.5 million slaves — in 11 confederate states. Despite the North’s greater population, however, the South had an […]


Notions The origin and essence of the conflict between England and the colony – Before the French and Indian War, the American colonies had been left more or less to themselves. During this time, they got used to having relative autonomy and came to see it as a right. At the same time, the colonies […]


Notions Origin of Native Americans – There are many theories on how and when the first people made it to the Americas. The widely accepted school of thought is that about 23000 years ago, a single group splintered off from an East Asian population. The group, crossed the Bering Land Bridge between northeast Asia and […]