Glory (Kask)

General Kearney’s Gallant Charge This visual is a lithograph by Augustus Tholey. It was made in about 1867 and it depicts the Union General Philip Kearney, who was known with his contributions in the Mexican-American and Civil War. In September 1st 1862, many northern troops, who were fleeing from Confederates, met them near Ox Bull. […]


The Shot Heard Round the World This visual represents one of the landmark achievements in Proto-American history – the start of the American Revolution. The image is an engraving, depicting the Battle of Lexington on April 19, 1775. Around 70 British minutemen arrived in Lexington, Massachusetts in the morning after receiving orders to capture American […]

Mayflower Story

Edward Winslow and Massasoit This visual depicts the first encounter between the Puritans and Native American tribes in 1620. The picture shows the formal greeting between colonist Edward Winslow and the king of the Wamapnaoag tribe Massasoit in Cape Cod, where the Mayflower had landed ashore. This picture represents the favorable relations between the colonists […]