Full Metal Jacket

The 20th century propaganda is legendary, but I chose this poster because of its clarity when it comes to the message and also because I liked the little allusions and “sub-messages”. The aim of this propaganda poster is to warn Americans of the dangers of USSR. The first thing people probably notice is the fact […]

The Help

I chose this song by Bakermat because it features the most iconic clip of “I have a dream” speech. The speech itself represents all that the activists were fighting for: equality between the two races, and even more – brother- and sisterhood between them to fulfill the real potential of America, but what I found […]


Helery Kuld This photo is taken in Bull Run, Virginia, March 1962, and it depicts the ruins of Stone Bridge after the Second Battle of Bull Run. For some reason this photograph really caught my eye and I have two possible explanations why. First, this is a real photograph and it is spectacular because since […]