“Full Metal Jacket” part 2

Movie review

I found “Full Metal Jacket” to be the best movie I watched during our movie course. I found the acting to be superb and found the attention to detail in the move to be amazing. The movie was interesting all throughout the movie and I never felt bored. One of the reasons I like this movie so much is my interest in war and weaponry, so am I the only one who enjoyed this movie or do the critics agree.

One review I found goes as follows “An electrifying opening segment that could stand alone as one of Kubrick’s great films, except it’s only about 45 minutes long.” While I agree that the first part of the movie is brilliant I dont think the second part of the movie was a lot worse. The second part of the movie gave a good overview of how the soldiers felt in Vietnam and what they did. And all this was historically accurate.

A positive review I found said “It may seem too spare, too clinical, its moments of war even too familiar for some. But, aiming for minds as well as hearts, Kubrick hits his target squarely.” I find that this review represents my ideas perfectly. I felt this movie touched me and I felt a connection with the carters of the movie, especially Pyle.

All in all I movie was truly a masterpiece. Most critics find that the first part of the movie, on Parris island, was better than the second part of the movie however a majority of the reviews are still positive and with an audience score of 94 percent (on Rotten tomatoes) it is obvious that people other than me also found this movie to be great.

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