“Glory” part 2

I enjoyed watching the movie “Glory”. I think it gave a unique, and often not talked about, point of view of the American Civil War focusing on a colored unit, the 54th. While watching the movie I found it to be very interesting and historically accurate and the critics seem to agree with me.

One of the movie reviews I red goes as follows: “A stirring and long overdue tribute to the black soldiers who fought for the Union cause in the Civil War.” I think this review is very relevant, as the contributions that colored soldiers had in the American Civil War are often over overlooked, as America discriminated against people of color up until relatively recently. The author of the review is clearly thrilled to see these people get the recognition they deserve.

Lots of critics also mention how this is one of the most historically accurate movies about the American Civil War and represents it very well. As one critic said: “one of the great war films and perhaps the greatest film ever made about the American Civil War” and his is not alone. Another quote goes as follows: “Glory is, without question, one of the best movies ever made about the American Civil War” and I am under the same impression, “Glory” is truly one of the best and most historically accurate films ever made about the American Civil war.

All in all, “Glory” is one of the best war movies I have seen in a while and I very much enjoyed it. It is very hard to find a negative review about this movie, as most critics are under the same impression. “Glory” is truly one of the best war movies ever made and pays its respects to the colored soldiers who lost their lives fighting in the American Civil War.




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