“The Patriot” part 2

Movie analysis

I very much enjoyed the movie “The Patriot”. I think that the movie had a compelling story and gave a good overview of the life then, however some people seem to be overly critical about this movie. I will bring out some of these opinions.

One of the reviews I can’t wrap my head around is as follows: “Make no mistake about it: The Patriot is a cartoon, even if it does have real people playing the parts. 2/4.” I found this movie to be pretty serious and historically accurate and can not see how it could be even considered a cartoon. Sure there were some over exaggerations in the movie, for example too much blood in battles, but this does not justify the 2/4 rating, even less calling the movie a cartoon.

Another review I have to disagree with is this: “No fond chuckles, please — it’s abominable. And to take any pleasure in it would be to resemble those followers of pro-wrestling who know it’s all fake but still cough-up top-dollar to get ring-side and holler.” The author of the review compares enjoying “The Patriot” to enjoying pro wrestling. I find this very irritating. Pro wrestling is largely known for being mostly, if not entirely scripted, this seems to imply that the movie does not represent these events as they were. While I agree that some parts of the movie are over glorified, it is necessary to keep the audience on the edge of their seats during the film and I have to admit, this worked in the case of me.

All in all I found the movie to be gripping. I find that “The Patriot” represents the American revolutionary war very well from the perspective of the family and I didn’t find any major historical inaccuracies and although the movie was nearly 3 hours long I didn’t find myself bored at any moment.




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