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The film I’ll be writing about is called “Desperate Crossing – The True Story of the Mayflower” and in the middle of the picture you can see the symbolic ship Mayflower. Part of the movie takes place in this ship and that is why this picture is so relevant to the movie. Mayflower transported the first English Puritans (later known as Pilgrims) to America in 1620. The ship sailed for 9 weeks, from September 16th to November 21st. In the upper-left corner you can see the clothes Pilgrims wore. The lower part of the picture is the Atlantic Ocean which the Mayflower sailed. The ship is embellished with the flag of England and the flag of the Kingdom of Great Britain. The Pilgrims signed the Mayflower Compact, a document that created the primitive form of demogracy. 




The first movie we watched during this course was “Desperate Crossing – The True Story of the Mayflower”. It is a historical documentary about the Pilgrim Fathers, the beginning of a known holiday, (mostly celebrated in US) Thanksgiving and the relationships between native and civilized people.

“The events are largely seen through the eyes of William Bradford (played by Sam Redford) and based, primarily, on his journals.”

“William Bradford chronicled the crossing and they events that drove his neighbors to such drastic action. He would lead his people to the new world and eventually become the first governor of the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts. His book, ‘Of Plymouth Plantation’ is a major source for this program. “

I think this has been very well thought of because telling the story through the same men’s eyes whose journals are one of the main sources of any of the historical knowledge known about this trip, makes the film looks extremely accurate. However it is not as accurate as it might seem at first. One of the first things that i noticed and also annoyed me quite a bit was that the moviemakers had totally left out the first winter the Pilgrims arrived to the New World. As I have learned a bit about history I know that half of Pilgrims’ population met a sticky end and during the first winter they still lived in the ship.

“But left out one of the main reasons King James was against these people. They were using the Geneva Bible which he hated. The reason he hated it was because it did not favor Divine Right to Rule by Kings.”

Second thing missing from the movie was another and a rather big reason why the Puritans were persecuted for more than only their beliefs. They were using the Geneva Bible and it was not agreeable for the King since this Bible did not grant the King with the right to rule.

“With first-rate production values (period costumes and replica vessels fill the screen with convincing detail), varied musical track (only the sighting-of-land’s saccharine orchestration jars the ear instead of reinforcing the moment).”

On the bright side, the costumes and music truly was quite similar to the (as much as we know) truth. The Puritan women wore a hat and a bonnet tied under their chin and men always wore a hat.

“By the history channel, this is about as accurate as it can get.”

all in all I would say the movie was quite accurate, because the things missed were not at the utmost importance and the most significant parts were showed and described nicely in the movie. Also, if the person wants to get a thorough overview of this time in history, it is excactly the right thing to watch.

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